Industrial Vacuums Cleaner

Industrial Vacuums used for Applications and Processes of steel mills, cement plants, energy, metalworking, packaging, glass-work, agri-food processing, chemical industry, foundry, mining, textile industry.

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Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Copper, Air Compress Pipework System

Production and installation of air compress pipework system, specializing in compressed air, inert gas, nitrogen.

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Steel Pipes

Manufactured steel pipes companies.
Seamless and welded, large of material choice and Standards.

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Industrial Fasteners

Turned Products and Fastener Manufacturing in according to ASTM, DIN, ISO, JIS.

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Stainless Steel Castings

Lost wax precision casting, machining, heat treatment, pickling treatment, inspection, and assembly processes.

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Light Gauge Stainless Steel

Used mainly for the water supply, hot water supply, and air conditioning systems in houses, apartments and office buildings, industrial plants.

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